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The Cut

Expertly-cut diamonds result in a symmetrical, brilliant stone that shines with maximum brilliance and finish.

Deep Cut

A diamond that is cut too deep will look small and will poorly reflect light, resulting in a duller shine compared to diamonds in the same carat size range.

Shallow Cut

A shallow cut diamond looks larger but it allows light to escape from the sides, thus creating a lack of shine and brilliance.

Ideal / Excellent Cut

The ideal/excellent cut diamond beautifully reflects light and is angled proportionately. Diamonds classified as Excellent or Ideal Cut, emit the most sparkle, lustre/brilliance, dispersion and fire and are considered to be of the highest quality. An ideal cut diamond allows light to bounce almost fully back out of the top of the stone and lets the diamond shine with brilliance.

Good Cut

Diamonds with good cuts allow some light to escape during the reflective process. As the untrained eye is unable to tell the difference between this and the very good cut diamonds, good cuts offer great value for money.