Custom Design

Thank you for your submission. Our design consultant will follow up to help you create your own dream jewelry piece.

Custom Made Jewelry
Life’s Precious Moments

Getting your one-of-a-kind, dream piece of jewelry has never been easier with our simple process.


STEP 1 : Quotation

Just send us any drawings, sketches, photo samples and descriptions you have. Let your imagination run wild as our in-house designers will take on your ideas and provide you with a genuine quote.


STEP 2 : Concept

View exciting visuals of your masterpiece and work with our designers to see your concept coming to life in stages. We are absolutely committed to bringing your sketches to life. Once you have decided to purchase your jewelry, any first two changes will be FREE. However, if you decide not to purchase the jewelry, we will charge a minimal creativity fee for our dedicated jewelry designer’s efforts.
* An e-contract stating the terms and conditions will be sent to you just to ensure that all requirements are understood and fulfilled.

Your Masterpiece

STEP 3 : Your Masterpiece

Finally, you get to own your dream jewelry piece created by our skilled craftsmen...just for you.

Start Your Design Now!

  • Please give a description of your concept. For example, would you like to include engraving? Perhaps you can also tell us your ring size along with your preferred material.
  • Please upload your image example or sketch and we will realize your design. Files extension are only allowed in jpeg, jpg and png.

Terms & Conditions

This clause is extended from clause ‘Submission’. We provide fully custom-made product service to our customer. Any materials, including but not limited to questions, comments, suggestions, ideas, plans, notes, drawings, original or creative materials or other information provided by us to you are personal, non-commercial use, confidential and for no other purpose. We own the copyright for any materials that are transferred to you through any communication channel. Once the product design is finalized and you will acknowledged the final product design through a legal binding e-signature. No dispute regarding product design shall be raised once you have acknowledged through a legal binding e-signature. Once the transaction is accepted, the amount of the money for the custom-made product is non-refundable; the custom-made product is also non-exchangeable nor returnable.